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What our students say

A very practical course which makes it very good for you to follow along and learn as you do. Set in a relaxed environment providing all the necessary support and materials needed. Well worth the dedication for the short time that the course takes place, you will be certified before you know it.

Marta Zalewska
Cork, Professional Diploma in Computerised Accounts & Payroll

My experience with Learnful Academy was very positive and challenging. The course was easy to understand and the support team was always helpful. It was an enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. I'm already looking forward for advance version of it.

Aneta Lakomiec
Cork, Professional Diploma in Computerised Accounts & Payroll

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to further their skills. The team are responsive and the lecturer (Gay White, HR) was amazing and so knowledgeable! I learned so much, the fact it's all online was a huge plus too.

Symone Katus
Wexford, Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management

One of the best decisions I’ve made! Gay the Tutor was knowledgeable and approachable as well as the friendly team behind the scenes at Learnful! Location was not an issue as all was video call and all easily accessible.

Neelam Patel
London, Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management

The course was excellent and a great mix of input from industry experts, group discussion and tasks as well as sharing of practice within the group. Was 100% the right course if you are looking to expand your network whilst learning.

Mark Molloy
Dumfries, Professional Diploma in Risk & Safety Management for Crowds & Events

The course is a solid investment, with compounding value. The sessions were interesting, practical, with wide-ranging/relevant topics, in class projects, and guest speakers. The ease of access to additional resources and networking of subject matter experts, even without the recorded class sessions is well worth the tuition alone. However, I think the greatest value is the breadth of experience/perspectives with each cohort and the instructor's (Mark) continued curiosity and involvement in mass gatherings/ major planned events internationally that not only made our discussions lively, but will ensure the course content is iterative and fresh. Highly recommend.

Jordan Myers
Vancouver, Professional Diploma in Risk & Safety Management for Crowds & Events

Our Programmes are Globally Recognised and come with the assurance of being University Credit Rated and attracting the most trusted Industry & Professional Certifications and Memberships

University-verified syllabus

Most courses are credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University.  With the rigorous external quality assurance conducted by the university, you can feel confident that the programme will have set rules around the amount of work, the time involved, the qualifications of the instructor, and the levels of academic oversight.

Our qualifications are globally recognised and travel with you

Your programme is university quality assessed as meriting 10 ECTS credits at Level 5 on the European Framework of Qualifications.

As a graduate, your ECTS Credits travel with you.  If you transfer institutions or countries, you do not have to re-study any material you studied before.

Industry-relevant content

Our programme curriculums have been developed in close collaboration with our expert Industry Advisory Group (IAG) to ensure our programmes deliver the skills employers are actually looking for today. Learn more about the Expert Industry Advisory Group.

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