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In a fast-paced and disruptive climate, today’s standout business leaders understand that it is more important than ever to invest in their people.

Learnful Business® combines best-in-breed LMS, an almost ubiquitous suite of content and over 30 years experience to provide you with the one-to-one support you need to transformatively upskill your workforce and position your organisation to thrive in the era of digital disruption.

Through our extensive network of academic and professional accreditation and content partners, Learnful Business® helps companies educate their workforce to address their critical business needs today and tomorrow. Learnful Business® helps companies build a future-ready workforce by delivering best-in-class programmes across the most in-demand, industry-leading skills.

With EdApp’s multi-award winning mobile LMS, we provide enterprises with a new standard in company training.  This mobile-focused system uses microlearning, gamification, spaced repetition, and many other features, making it the most effective and engaging tool for creating, distributing, and analyzing training in corporate, retail, and other business environments.

Microlearning Pioneer

You know that Microlearning is one of the most effective forms of learning and training but don’t know where to start?

Concerned that converting out of date courses for your mobile savvy generation z & millennial workforce is too daunting?

Want to employ features like gamification, peer learning, rapid refresh & spaced repetition to make it easier than ever  for your learners to stay motivated and effectively retain knowledge?

We will help you leverage a stunning mobile-first template library to fully personalise each template with your video, text and imagery to create a truly-immersive branded experience to excite and engage your learners.

Create your own engaging courses in minutes

Quickly create your own tailor made content in minutes.

Upload our existing content, or take advantage of our curated content pathways supported by the world’s leading content pioneers.

Build you own courses and enhance with videos, quizzes, games and assessments – all built with our easy-to-use templates.

Enable your learners to implement knowledge almost immediately into their work day.

Learnful Business® customers can expect

University Credit Rating
University Credit Rating – Globally recognised ECTS Credit-bearing programmes.

Verified Certificate Courses
In-demand and transferable skills programmes with Verified, Shareable & Portable Digital Certificate highlighting the knowledge and skills your employees gain.

Dedicated Account Manager
Your single point of contact will assist you, from determining the types of content, languages, and subject areas that will benefit your business through to a coordinated reporting and assessment process.

Professional Accreditation & Membership
Our Programmes attract the most trusted Industry & Professional Certifications and Memberships.

Live and On-Demand Immersive Training
Real-time industry respected content conducted live or on-demand in an interactive, virtual environment.

The Best Learning Content
You can select from our library of leading content, combine with your in-house content to boost and diversify your own learning. You can rely on our experts to help you curate content to address your up-skill and re-skill needs.

Helping organisations achieve their people development goals & objectives

Transformatively Upskill, Reskill, Retain.

Partnerships with University & Professional Accreditors support the ability to upskill, reskill, and retain talent transformatively. Our focus on relevant, meaningful learning outcomes addressing today’s & tomorrow’s critical business needs ensures:

  • Improved employee retention
  • Reduced external hiring and outsourcing costs
  • Aligned employee capabilities to company needs
  • Increased workforce engagement and productivity
  • Career progression opportunities linked to company requirements

Our programmes are Globally Recognised and come with the assurance of being University Credit Rated and attracting the most trusted Industry & Professional Certifications and Memberships.


Your dedicated  Account Manager is your single point of contact for all company and employee related support. This can include producing a streamlined group enrolment process and generating a single consolidated invoice. They will work with you to customise your employee performance reporting at your desired intervals & answer any queries on the assessment and certification process. 

Call / and dial 2 for Learnful Business or alternatively you can email your query to [email protected]

The LMS is the virtual classroom for your employees, providing the ability to ask questions and interact with fellow students during their programme. Chosen for its easy-to-use interface, employees will have access to a diverse variety of course content formats, including virtual live interactive classes, module notes, practice quizzes, assignment briefs and additional web & reading resources. 

The Learnful™ learning model is designed to help working professionals improve their skills without compromising their work and family responsibilities. The course work is broken up into weekly modules, designed to help your employees balance their work and studies. At the beginning of each week your employees will be presented with all class materials including pre-reading, notes and any assignments necessary for completion. They will have ongoing access to the Learnful Business® Team who will help them set goals, track key milestones, provide assessment guidance and address any administrative or technical requests they might have. 

Our Corporate Account customers have the option of paying the invoice in full prior to course commencement or applying for 30 Day Payment Terms when creating a company account with Learnful™.

A micro-credential indicates demonstrated mastery of a specific competency. It has a more focused scope than a traditional degree programme. All students successfully completing Learnful Professional Diplomas earn micro-credentials after successful completion of the end of course assessment. 

A digital badge is the visual representation of a credential. Recipients can display their digital badges on CVs, social media profiles like LinkedIn, email signatures and websites.

The metadata contained in the digital badge verifies the learner's mastery. It includes data about the learner, credential, issuing organisation, date issued, criteria to earn the credential and a web address with supporting information. This information helps an employer understand the criteria met to earn the micro-credential as well as the authority of the organisation issuing it. 

Micro-credentials, along with their corresponding digital badges, make it easy for professionals to show exactly what skills and knowledge they bring to a new position or project. If a respected trade or professional association backs the micro-credential, it makes an even stronger impression. 

Micro-credentials help employers identify job candidates who have the required skills. The proof is in the digital badge. Emloyers can also rely on micro-credentialing programmes to provide the right type of focused training to new or transitioning employees who need to improve their skills. 

Digital badges can also serve to motivate and reward learners across an organisation. These visual, shareable and portable records of accomplishment inspire learners to continue their professional journey and can add significantly to creating and developing a learning culture within an organisation. 

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