Preparing for the Future of Work

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We are living in an era of fundamental transformation in the way we work.

This is clearly an evolving situation – Covid, the potency of its variants, and the outbreak of war in Ukraine have taught us one thing for sure – there is no one silver bullet.  In a fast-paced and disruptive climate, today’s standout business leaders understand that it is more important than ever to invest in their people.   Employers must remain adaptable, and most are engaged in detailed discussions about how they return to work and how they address issues such as hybrid working, employee wellbeing, and the role of technology.

As we were beginning to think we had defeated Covid, we watch in horror at the senseless brutality of the war in Ukraine – we are witnessing the beginning of a dramatic restructuring of the social and economic order – the emergence of the next normal.

What does this mean for you? Are you looking to transform your skills into something you’ll be confident will prepare you to navigate the next normal?

The world has changed, and the workplace has fundamentally changed along with it. What you do now will help you adapt to an enhanced, technologically-enabled workplace of the future.  Standing out among all the uncertainty, one clear lesson arises: adaptability—in organisations, individuals, and society—is essential for navigating the changes ahead.

Professional Diplomas offer short sharp skills-based programmes designed specifically for learners who want to develop skills, to future proof their employability.

A Professional Diploma or certification is the ideal way to stay competitive and relevant in the changing workplace. These short, expert practitioner-led online courses are delivered at Learnful via a mobile-first learning management system with live interactive online classes and mentoring.  Professional Diplomas offer a flexible and more targeted way to gain desired skills and knowledge.

University verified Professional Diplomas certify that the holder masters the skills, abilities and knowledge necessary to perform a job. They enable the acquisition of specific professional skills to support employability and professional development of employees.

The best Providers of Professional Diplomas work hand in hand with industry to ensure the learning content contains the most up-to-date skills, core competencies and knowledge needed for you to thrive in the era of digital disruption.

The best programmes are certified, have an up-to-date curriculum and graded assessments and portfolios as they allow you to demonstrate to employers that you have the required skills.

Preparing for the workforce of the future

The future of work is here today. It is going to be built upon collaboration between man and machine, one will not supplant or replace the other. Jobs in their current state will be replaced and new roles created, skills will need to be enhanced, people will need to be adaptable and ready to add to their skills.

future of work

It’s impossible to predict exactly the skills that will be needed even five years from now, so organisations and workers need to be ready to adapt.

Inevitably, much of the responsibility will be on you the individual. You will need not only to adapt to organisational change but be willing to acquire new skills and even rethink your direction and retrain mid-career.

Employees with critical skills that organisations need will become highly sought because of the value they will bring in the workplace of the future. They will be hard to find and difficult to keep.

When the world emerges from the Pandemic, the business landscape will be radically altered. Some companies will have closed their doors forever; others will be permanently changed. Forward-thinking individuals will act now, by using their time wisely to become indispensable, upskilling and reskilling, crafting a plan for how they can prepare for the future.

The Learnful portfolio of University Credit Rated Professional Diplomas offers the most current and relevant industry thinking.  We do this by constantly updating our courses to meet industry changes, under the guidance of our expert industry advisory group. Delivered by expert practitioners working in the field, we ensure you get the most up-to-date and relevant learning, underscored by University validation.

You are faced with an array of choices when looking at the future. The starting point for businesses is to realise that they need to plan for a future that is not set in stone and which is continually changing.

No matter what the future holds, upskilling to make yourself indispensable by preparing for the future of work today is a ‘no regrets’ move.  Ensure it’s in your plan as you prepare for tomorrow’s workplace.

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