Training Support Grant

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Training Support Grant

Opportunity to up-skill or re-skill with a Training Support Grant


The Irish Government through the Department of Social Protection (DSP) introduced the Training Support Grant, designed to fund quick access to short term training that can support individual jobseekers seeking employment (including self-employment) to access work opportunities.

Learnful have had a number of students successfully complete programmes fully funded through the Training Support Grant (TSG).  Based on the success of past students and the number of questions on the scheme we have written a blog to explain how the scheme works, who is eligible and how to apply.



Training Support Grant (TSG) is available to jobseekers and people getting certain other payments including PUP. The TSG provides quick access to short-term training that is focussed on helping you get a job quickly. Your case officer can approve a grant under this scheme if it meets your identified needs (for example, as set out in your Personal Progression Plan).

How to qualify

The primary focus of this scheme is on jobseekers and on supporting job activation.  A Case Officer can approve a grant for someone seeking employment under this scheme where:

  • the course is not above level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications
  • a training need is identified that is not otherwise provided by DSP or other state provider
  • the intervention identified is linked to both the activation needs of the jobseeker and labour market conditions
  • the intervention sought by the jobseeker forms part of the agreed personal progression or action plan to enter or re-enter the labour market.
  • they are satisfied that the jobseeker has provided reasonable evidence or grounds of need (for example a job offer or potential job offer) or an identified skill gap or a requirement to maintain or achieve accreditation.

Each job seeker can get a maximum of €1000 per annum.

How to apply

All applications for the Training Support Grant must be made via a Case Officer in your local Intreo or Social Welfare Branch Office.  A list of offices and their contact details is available here.


Why a Learnful programme?

Training Support Grant

Learnful was established to give learners the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the modern workplace. Our community is made up of experienced trainers, expert practitioners and highly ambitious and motivated students who are ready to exploit the opportunities the post pandemic world will unequivocally present.

Our Programmes are Globally Recognised and come with the assurance of being University Credit Rated and attracting the most trusted Industry & Professional Certifications and Memberships.

All our programmes are endorsed by an expert Industry Advisory Group, validating the learning content to ensure your syllabus contains the most up to date skills, core competencies and knowledge needed to thrive in your career.

All students benefit from free access to our comprehensive Careers Portal ensuring they have the job search skills to convince recruiters and hiring managers that they have the required skills.

All programme run online live, one evening per week over one semester.


Still got questions?

The Learnful support team are some of the friendliest around and have plenty of experience of the process.  Feel free contact them here.

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