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February 15, 2024

11 weeks
(1 evening p/wk)

3 hours per week

Delivery mode
Online-Live Classroom

€895 (approx. £810)

Industry Focused Diploma Programmes Taught Online Live

Gain an Industry Focused Professional Diploma in the Internet of Things delivered online-live by subject matter experts without leaving your home.

Access this industry focused course to gain skills to compete and advance in the modern workplace.

Classes are recorded providing you with the flexibility to learn and revise at your own pace and intensity.

On successful graduation you will get a diploma certificate issued on a secure portal that you can share with employers and colleagues on LinkedIn.

What will I learn?

As the internet became pervasive, it connected people all over the world. Today it is our devices including cars, phones and appliances that are connected, and this shift is transforming our world.

In this course a holistic overview of IoT is presented enabling the learner to describe the evolution of the Internet of Things and identify the range of options for the way things can communicate.

The course covers IoT design considerations, constraints and interfacing between the physical world and devices. The ability to be able to scale concepts allied with associated security considerations are examined.


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Programme Curriculum

During your first class, you will explore the course content and format, including what you can expect from the programme and how it is assessed. You will also gain an understanding and introduction to IoT. 

  • Context
  • History & background
  • Future of IoT

Understand the set of applications for IoT devices. Learn about consumer, industrial and infrastructural applications.

  • Applications
  • Consumer applications
  • Industrial applications
  • Infrastructural applications
  • The bigger picture

Gain an understanding of IoT applications for Metroplitan scale deployments. Understand the regulations and standards that govern these areas.

  • Applications
  • Infrastructural applications
  • The bigger picture

Understanding the requirements for IoT within the military. 

  • Applications
  • Military applications
  • The bigger picture

Understand the trends in device growth and key characteristics that caused exponential growth in demand for IoT. 

  • Main concepts
  • IoT intelligence
  • IoT architecture

Understand the need to evaluate complexity, size and space considerations within IoT. Learn how to explain the concept of a complex system within IoT. 

  • Main concepts
  • Complexity 
  • Size
  • Space
  • New thinking

Learn about the use of wired and wireless technologies within IoT. Understand addressability, the concept that enables IoT.

  • Main concepts
  • Addressability 
  • Wired technologies
  • Wireless technologies
  • New thinking

Know the need for standards and standards organisations within IoT. Understand what criteria is used when establishing standards. 

  • Main concepts
  • Standards
  • Standards organisations
  • New thinking

Know what current legisaltion presscribes for IoT. Understand data protection, data ownership, data security within IoT. Learn the differences between US and EU Law in IoT. 

  • Government legislation 
  • IoT legislation 
  • Regulatory environment
  • Laws & guidelines

Understand what the main adoption barriers are within IoT, the criticisms of IoT within industry, examine the challenges and opportunities in adoption of IoT and the environmental sustainability impact of IoT. 

  • IoT adoption barriers
  • IoT criticism
  • IoT controversies
  • IoT problems & opportunities

During your final class, the subject matter expert will summarise the key topics covered during the programme. The Assessment will be outlined in detail with plenty of opportunity to ask any clarifying questions. 


(approx. £810)

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Learn from the best

Evelyn Nomayo

Evelyn is a Full-Stack Developer, a Data Scientist, an Educationist, A Technology Consultant and a Woman in Tech Evangelist. Her career began as a banker and has worked for several companies including IBM, Eircom and National Pen Ireland. She has also contracted and successfully delivered projects for several small businesses, multinationals and government organisations as a software developer and trainer.

She has two undergraduate degrees, a Bsc in Data Analytics and Big Data and a Bsc in Computer Science. She has three masters degrees, an MBA, an MSc in Cloud Computing and an MSc in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science). She is currently a PhD at Trinity College, researching Future Networks and the Internet of Things with a focus on Self-Driving Cars.

As an educationist, she has trained hundreds of students in computer science modules and has mentored several girls and women to become technology entrepreneurs. 

Why should I enrol?

Today IoT technologies are enabling a wide range of business opportunities in the context of ‘smart’ homes, neighbourhoods and cities and in the exploitation of intelligent infrastructure and services, in areas such as transport, power and healthcare.

But what does this really mean? What are the possibilities it offers, and the threats it poses? You will be introduced to the fundamentals of IoT and the rise of industrial and home automation. You will examine the use of IoT devices, the models and methods of their functions and the legal and ethical aspects of their use.

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What jobs will this programme prepare me for?

The Internet of Things (IoT) will bring about tremendous improvements in user experience and system efficiency. It will have a transformational impact on all industries and re-shape business models and industry configurations. IoT is leading to the creation of new jobs, where people who understand and can leverage the IoT to create solutions will be greatly in demand. There is a strong demand for IoT professionals who are competent in design, development, management and support of IoT systems. Technological advancements within several industries include healthcare, pharmaceuticals and agriculture, require an understanding and know-how around implementation of devices and terminology linking concepts to device adaption and output.

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No prior experience/knowledge required.

All courses require proficiency in English, requirement of IELTS 6 or its equivalent. 

The Programme Subject Matter Expert will monitor progress throughout the programme using multiple choice scenarios to ensure that concepts are understood. An end of course formal written assignment, equating to 100% of the assessment marks,  must be passed to graduate. 


(approx. £810)

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