Professional Diploma in
Risk & Safety Management for Crowds & Events

Learn how to safely plan for and manage complex events and crowds.

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February 12, 2024

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Industry Focused Diploma Programmes Taught Online Live

This programme is Credit Rated from Glasgow Caledonian University.

Access this industry focused course to gain skills to compete and advance in the modern workplace.

Delivered live through an easy to use online study environment.

Gain an Industry Focused Professional Diploma in Risk & Safety Management for Crowds & Events delivered online-live by subject matter experts without leaving your home.

Classes are recorded providing you with the flexibility to learn and revise at your own pace and intensity.

What will I learn?

Events of all sizes, be they local community days for 2,000 people or international festivals with 150,000 attendees, need people involved in them who are focused on reducing risks and ensuring the event is planned safely.

Risk management for events tends to be more involved and contextual than the traditional approach to ‘risk assessing’ that we are all likely familiar with – a grid with boxes coloured in red, orange or green. There is a lot more to Risk Management for crowds and events than that. Importantly also, risk is not solely a function of audience size and this programme will not be focusing solely on large-scale festivals and events. It is often smaller events that present the greater risks to those working on them and attending them.

Your Subject Matter Expert for this programme is an active Crowd & Event Safety Consultant, operating in Ireland and internationally. Learners will benefit from experiences gained, challenges encountered and solutions developed by the subject matter expert and his teams on both previous and ongoing / current event projects.

This is a unique opportunity to explore the real-world of planning and delivering safe events with someone actively doing exactly that for events around the world, be it as HSEQ Director (strategic) or an on the ground Safety Officer (operational). Learning will be consistently reinforced by and illustrated through real-world examples and case studies.

You will learn how to utilise some established and proven planning & safety management tools, developed by the world’s leading crowd scientists and risk management professionals, while also having the opportunity to develop your own simple and effective tools to help you keep people safe.

Programme Curriculum

An introduction to the course content and format, including the learning outcomes you can expect and how you will be assessed. Learn why we do what we do and consider the real risks that should be focused on with planning events.

  • Understanding our 'why'?
  • Real risks v topical threats
  • Exploring what goes wrong
  • Learning from when it nearly went wrong
  • Enjoying good outcomes

Explore whose job it is to keep everyone safe including personal responsibility and legislation and guidance available. 

  • Understanding the legal context
  • Where responsibility for safety lies
  • Legislation & guidance
  • Understanding what is 'reasonable'

Know the Risk Management Process for events and learn the key tools used to ensure consistency and efficacy in the planning and delivery work, including DIM-ICE, RAMP Analysis, Risk Mapping and more. 

  • Analysing risk and risks
  • Understanding event complexities
  • Introducing the key tools
  • Critiquing the key tools

Explore how to keep people safe, by understanding crowds, their characteristics and behaviours with the use of the 'outlier' concept and Crowd Modelling. 

  • Static crowds v dynamic crowds
  • Influencing crowds
  • Crowd management v crowd control 
  • Crowd psychology 
  • Crowd modelling & the 'outlier'

An introduction to the use of mathematical calculations and their part in the role of risk management and safety professionals for events, and how to implement them on live sites and projects.

  • Ingress & Egress flow rates
  • Querying theory & times
  • Site traversal / transition times
  • Crowd density calculations

Learn how to best engage and communicate with stakeholders involved in an event. 

  • Learning from our mistakes
  • Different perspectives & priorities
  • Communicating effectively
  • Resources rather than gatekeepers

Understand how safe capacities for events are established through the use of in class case studies.

  • Key consideration factors
  • Contextual determinants
  • Safe holding capacities
  • Emergency Egress analysis
  • The role of rationale

Learn how to develop your own simple & effective tools when planning for crowds at all types of events and venues. 

  • Fill predictors
  • Wing management action plans (WMAPs)
  • Search capacity calculation tool
  • Venue capacity calculation tool

An exploration of best practice when it comes to planning and delivering events, from key documentation needed through to roles & responsibilities for operational staff. 

  • Writing an event safety management plan
  • Decision support tools
  • Working with local authorities and agencies having jurisdiction (AHJs)
  • Delivering on the plan 
  • Licensing & securing permissions

An understanding of what goes into a proper and effective planning process for the safe execution of any event. 

  • Strategic & technical analysis
  • Designing out risks
  • Selecting the right tools
  • Using the key tools
  • Processes & paperwork 

Identify the methods available to ensure the plan will be effective by partaking in a simulated Table-Top Exercise (TTX).

  • Sense checking
  • The role of stakeholders
  • Confirmation bias
  • The value of external eyes
  • Table Top Exercise (TTX)

Understand the move from planning to delivery of an event and how this is best achieved. 

  • Moving from strategic to operational
  • Equipping & empowering
  • Monitoring & reviewing
  • The role of technology

An exploration of award winning emergency plans to identify what should be in them in order for them to be effective. 

  • Strategic analysis
  • Decision support tool development
  • Ensuring the emergency plan is effective
  • Testing the plan

Recap the course content, discussing the key learning outcomes and best practice from each area covered.

  • Course summary
  • Assessments



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Learn from the best


Mark is a vastly experienced RIsk Management & Safety professional, operating both strategically and operationally, domestically and internationally. 

As Director of Safe Events, based in Dublin, Ireland, Mark leads a team that has planned and delivered festival events in Saudi Arabia for hundreds of thousands of people, City of Culture Events for 1,000 people per show in pitch darkness, aerial performance over moving traffic on Dublin City's main street and the world's largest celebration of Irish culture, Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann, which attracts over 600,000 people annually, just to name a few. 

Mark is an active Fellow of the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM), the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM) and the Institute of Place Management (IPM). He is a Technical Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) and a registered Occupational Safety & Health Consultant with the OSHCR. 

Mark is currently the HSEQ Director for a large scale festival in the Middle East, as well as leading Safe Events delivery to the Office of Public Works Event Management Unit (OPWEMU) in Ireland, developing SOP's and EMP's for State / Government events. 

What Our Students Say

Why should I enrol?

As a graduate of the Professional Diploma in Risk & Safety Management for Crowds & Events, you will have gained the skills and understanding to operate effectively in risk management or safety roles on events, looking after crowds of various sizes. Whether a concert venue or a festival site, an airport or a stadium, an on-street event or a party in a ballroom, the best practice approach to ensuring everyone’s safety remains the same. That is what this programme will teach you.

As the health, safety and wellbeing agenda becomes more prominent, the demand for qualified professionals in this specialist area is growing rapidly. Once you’ve completed our course, it’s a demand you’ll be ready to meet.

With worked examples and case studies featuring prominently to reinforce learning during the programme, you will have gained the confidence and possess the reference materials to be able to fulfil the standard duties and responsibilities of professionals charged with planning for the safety of crowds at events.

With the programme introducing a wide range of key tools, software and technological solutions available to you, upon course completion, you will be ready to take on Risk Management & Safety roles in events, equipped with the toolkit you need to be effective.

The inclusion of a live Table Top Exercise (TTX) provides a unique opportunity to experience having your Event Safety Management Plan challenged and tested. This is a key part of the Planning Process that only professionals working on large scale events usually experience, as well as those working in Statutory Agencies.

With an enhanced understanding of how to manage risk and plan safe events, along with the formal qualification from this programme, you will be fully equipped to effectively deploy your newfound skills in any number of environments.

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What jobs will this programme prepare me for?

Designed for professionals, this programme will suit you perfectly if you are already working in events or with crowds and are looking to progress in your career.

It will equip you with the necessary skills and understanding to operate in a safety specific role and to contribute effectively towards the safe and effective planning and delivery of events as well as, crucially, the securing of Licences, permissions and agreements from key Statutory Agencies and stakeholders.

These skills and understanding are those possessed by Crowd Risk Managers, Safety Consultants, Event Safety Officers, Crowd Safety Consultants and similar, who may operate within Event Management Companies, directly for promoters, independently for themselves, as part of specialist consulting firms and otherwise.

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Questions & Answers?

Professional diplomas are career-oriented, short courses that focus on a particular subject or skill. Short, sharp, and concentrated courses that allow you tailor your qualifications to your specific needs. They help you to put yourself at the top of any hiring shortlist or learn things you need to make a change – even if it’s lateral or into self-employment. In an increasingly volatile and complex business landscape, Professionals are increasingly leveraging Professional Diplomas to accelerate their career ambitions.

Programme graduates earn a Learnful Professional Diploma Certificate, issued electronically on a secure platform, with a link that you can share with employers and others wishing to verify your credentials. You'll also be able to add the diploma to your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your achievement to your network as well as recruiters and potential employers searching for individuals with your skills and experience.

Learnful provides recordings of each of the classes so you can review them as needed before the next session. Students will continue to have access to all recordings for a minimum of 30 days after course completion so that you can continue to refer to sessions of interest, complete a reflective diary or access materials to help complete assignments. 

For further details on the payment options available, see our finance page.

For employer sponsorship, simply fill out our employer sponsored form available on request from the Learnful team by emailing [email protected].

No prior experience / knowledge required. 

All courses require proficieny in English, requirement of IELTS 6 or its equivalent. 

The Programme Subject Matter Expert will monitor progress throughout the programme using multiple choice scenarios to ensure that concepts are understood. An end of course formal written assignment, equating to 100% of the assessment marks, must be passed to graduate.


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