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February 17, 2024

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Build a Future Ready Career in UX/UI

  • Get certified in UX/UI with this industry endorsed Professional Diploma delivered online-live.
  • Explore proven, repeatable, industry-standard approaches as you create and hone a portfolio fit to showcase to future employers.
  • Obtain the knowledge, skills and competencies to launch a future-proof career in the design field of today and tomorrow.
  • Classes are recorded providing you with the flexibility to learn and revise at your own pace and intensity.
  • Supercharge your job search skills with our automated CV analysis toolAI-powered mock interview tool and
    robust Jobs Board.

What will I learn?

Understand what User Experience (UX) design is, how it fits into the tech industry and what you’ll do in a real UX role.

With expert instruction and personalised support explore proven, repeatable, industry-standard approaches for different design projects.

From Research & Design Basics to Wireframing & Prototyping you will learn the key skills to create and hone a personal portfolio.

By the end you will have a portfolio to showcase to potential employers.

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What jobs will this programme prepare me for?

User Experience Design is one of the hottest skills in Web Design today

Organisations have an almost insatiable demand for experienced UX/UI designers to help shape their next generation user experience and product interfaces.

With the skills gained on this programme you will be able to take your passion and experience for great design, flow and usability to the next level as part of a Product Design Team.

Most likely working closely with Business Analysts, Product Managers, Regulatory Experts and other relevant stakeholders you will quickly have an opportunity to be a key part of transforming digital products into the most advanced, usable and satisfying experience for clients across the globe.

Programme Curriculum

During your first class, you will explore the course content and format, including what you can expect from the programme and how it is assessed. You will be given an overview of UX / UI.

Learn the basics of UI/UX design. 

  • Layout
  • Gestalt principles
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Visual noise

Understand the principles of prototyping.

  • High fidelity
  • Low fidelity
  • Wireframing

Learn the theory of the use of colour within designs.

  • Colour meanings
  • Colour in typography

Learn how to design digital projects for ideal usability

Learn how to work with digital tools and vector art, responsive design 

Understand the use of research methods within UX.
  • Market research vs user research
  • Qualitative and quantitative data

During your final class, the subject matter expert will summarise the key topics covered during the programme. The Assessment will be outlined in detail with plenty of opportunity to ask any clarifying questions.

Learn from the best

Seamus Hickey BA, BSc

Seamus is a highly experienced and multi-disciplinary developer in the graphics and game industries, working for over a decade within the technology sector. He has been lecturing for over five years in the fields of animation, motion graphics, UI/UX design and game development. He holds a BA in Animation, A BSc in Game Development and a Diploma in Project Management and Game Design.

Why should I enrol with Learnful?

In today’s digital world, the user experience is at the centre of all digital strategies.

  • Learn to think like a UX designer and adopt the mindset that makes them so valuable in the tech industry.
  • Distinguish yourself by working on a series of projects aimed at building experience and developing a portfolio of work to showcase to potential employers.
  • A highly practical, hands-on course focused on developing job-ready skills and know-how that employers are looking for.
  • Industry focused course with expert tutors recognised by top Irish & UK companies.
  • Flexible live online learning that fits into your busy schedule.
  • Supplementary learning material available via our online Learner Management System.
  • Access to our careers portal to get you job-ready.
  • Friendly student support services.
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All Programmes include

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Enjoy a personalised and supported virtual classroom learning experience

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Validated educational pedagogy with an industry-led syllabus

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Real-time industry respected content curated by experts

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Global leading online interactive learning platform

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Verified & Shareable Digital Cert featuring the knowledge and skills you gain

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Industry standard software ensuring your learning incorporates the newest features

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Finance options available

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Globally recognised, your qualification travels with you

Questions & Answers?

The term ‘user experience’ (or UX) describes the interaction a person has with a product or service. UX designers are focused on creating an enjoyable user experience. UX accomplishes this by optimizing things like the aesthetic design of a product’s user interface (the look and feel of the menus, buttons, screens, etc. used to interact with a product), navigation design (the layout users follow to get to different parts of the product), and overall product usability (the level of effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction a user experiences when using a product to achieve specific goals).

A good UX designer will understand why a consumer wants a product, what the product should do or how it should perform to be effective, and how the product will work to be the most functional and pleasing to the user. As a discipline, UX design is a combination of methods and tools that allows designers to solve real problems and craft functional, reliable, and enjoyable products. The field of UX design is focused on making sure all aspects of the user’s experience with the product are thoughtful, accessible, and useful.

UX Designers are also known as Interaction Designers, UI/UX Designers or Experience Designers. The golden rule of UX design is user-centricity. While each company and each team within a company expects different deliverables from a UX designer, the most common ones are - User research reports, User personas, User journey maps, Paper prototypes, Wireframes.  

The average salary for a user experience designer is €58,671 per year in Dublin. The average salary for a user experience designer is £50,359 per year in London. (Source:, February 2021. UX designer salaries in Dublin/London)

Programme graduates earn a Learnful Professional Diploma Certificate, issued electronically on a secure platform, with a link that you can share with employers and others wishing to verify your credentials. You'll also be able to add the diploma to your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your achievement to your network as well as recruiters and potential employers searching for individuals with your skills and experience.

Learnful provides recordings of each of the classes so you can review them as needed before the next session. Students will continue to have access to all recordings for a minimum of 30 days after course completion so that you can continue to refer to sessions of interest, complete a reflective diary or access materials to help complete assignments.  

Professional diplomas are career-oriented, short courses that focus on a particular subject or skill. Short, sharp, and concentrated courses that allow you tailor your qualifications to your specific needs. They help you to put yourself at the top of any hiring shortlist or learn things you need to make a change – even if it’s lateral or into self-employment. In an increasingly volatile and complex business landscape, professionals are increasingly leveraging Professional Diplomas to accelerate their career ambitions.

Please call us directly on (UK) / (IRE) , complete the enquire now form on the programme page or select the Live Chat link. Alternatively you can schedule a 15 minute zoom meeting with a Programme expert.