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February 8, 2024

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Start a Rewarding Career in First Line People Management

  • Get certified with this industry endorsed, globally recognised University Credit Rated Professional Diploma in First Line People Management delivered online-live.
  • Globally recognised ECTS credit bearing programme aligned to Irish NFQ Level 6.
  • Obtain the knowledge, skills and competencies to stay competitive and relevant in the modern workplace.
  • Delivered live through an easy to use online study environment.
  • Classes are recorded providing you with the flexibility to learn and revise at your own pace and intensity.
  • Supercharge your job search skills with our automated CV analysis tool, AI-powered mock interview tool and robust Jobs Board.

What will I learn?

  • Understand the supervisory skills needed to succeed in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Learn to plan, organise, communicate and monitor.
  • Apply the most appropriate supervisory style for each individual team member and situation.
  • Understand your legal responsibilities.
  • Learn management skills to help you give constructive criticism, feedback and encouragement.
  • Maximise productivity by leveraging diversity and individual differences.
  • Learn techniques to help you cope with difficult employees.
  • Use delegation for effective employee development, time management and motivation.
  • Increase job satisfaction and work output through coaching and mentoring.

What jobs will this programme prepare me for?

Effective people management skills are intrinsic to the success of organisations across the world. This course is designed to provide the skills, knowledge and competence that will enable you to effectively manage people across a broad range of scenarios and industry sectors.

Programme Curriculum

Compare and contrast the operation of traditional leadership with bottom-up leadership and know that a leadership role can be exercised at a range of levels. Understand the role an individual contributor makes. 

  • Identifying roles
  • Differentiating roles
  • Expectations of stakeholders
  • Different sectors
  • Responsibilities & duties

Knowing your personal management style and personality type through the use of Jung's personality types and other self awareness tools. Know how and when to be directive, supportive, coach or delegate depending on the situation.

  • Task / people focus
  • Self awareness
  • Understanding others

Learn the 7 C's of effective communication and the 4 basic styles of communication. Understand the importance of effective communication within an organisation. 

  • Effective communication 
  • Clarity of instruction 
  • Styles
  • Relationships

Understand that employee engagement plays a powerful role in productivity and profitablility. Learn the importance of respect and trust in a working relationship. Recognise the characteristics of the theories of motivation proposed by Maslow and McGregor. 

  • Purpose
  • Trust & respect
  • Motivation 
  • Delegation 
  • Team dynamics

Discover the steps that a manager takes from setting goals and deadlines to organising workflow, monitoring productivity and providing constructive feedback. Research and report on the operation of the Pareto Principle in a given business situation.

  • Main concepts
  • Cascading strategy
  • Prioritization 
  • Detailed delivery

Understand that a performance management system seeks to work towards the improvement of the overall organisational performance, while supporting performance, productivity and the wellbeing of employees. 

  • Main concepts
  • Clarity of expectations
  • Feedback
  • Measuring performance
  • Developing team competence

Know the issues that can arise in a workplace, from performance and behaviour issues to workplace issues in relation to organisation policies and learn how to effectively resolve them. 

  • Kinds of issues 
  • Issue evaluation 
  • Resolution 
  • Calling for help

Understand that in order to pursue continuous improvement it is necessary first to create a culture for improvement within the organisation where all managers and employees are engaged and committed. Learn the Kaizen Model for Continuous Improvement, and know the stages of adapting to change. 

  • Ongoing improvement
  • Big changes
  • Coping & adapting
  • My role

Learn the terms employee turnover and employee retention. Understand the importance of exit interviews in providing valuable insight into the work culture and understand the value of identifying factors that give rise to high turnover that are controllable.

  • Employee turnover
  • Why people leave
  • Managing factors
  • Developing loyalty 

During your final class, the subject matter expert will summarise the key topics covered during the programme. The Assessment will be outlined in detail with plenty of opportunity to ask any clarifying questions. 

Learn from the best

Ciaran O'Reilly (B. Eng. UCD; M.Sc. University of Missouri-Rolla; C. Eng)

Ciaran worked for over 20 years as a team leader, manager and director; gaining organisational experience and world class management training. Initially he provided training and support globally for a US/German multinational, and is proud to have been part of the start up team that brought a major US multinational manufacturer into Ireland. He has worked in alternate energy, automotive, chemical, consumer electronics and bioscience areas, with extensive experience of building and developing new teams. He has published and presented papers and managed teams and projects globally, including China, Japan and S.E. Asia. Ciaran established his own business, Develop Potential, in 2007, providing training, facilitation, mentoring and coaching services at all levels, both in Ireland and internationally. 

Ciaran has lectured at undergraduate level in the US, and for the last ten years as a part time lecturer for Degrees in Business Studies. Ciaran is qualified in MBTI and Discovery Insights - self awareness tools that are very popular with leading employers. 

Why should I enrol with Learnful?

  • Become a First Line People Management certified professional, gain certification from Glasgow Caledonian University, a highly rated UK University.
  • The only University Credit Rated Professional Diploma in First Line People Management, a valued trusted qualification.
  • Industry focused course with expert tutors recognised by top Irish & UK companies.
  • Flexible live online learning that fits into your busy schedule.
  • Supplementary learning material available via our online Learner Management System.
  • Gain the knowledge and skills you need to fill a supervisory role.
  • The essentials of people management are taught in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Access to our careers portal to get you job-ready.
  • Friendly student support services.

Read about our partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University, learn about micro-credentials & digital badges and understand the role of future managers in a post pandemic workplace

Our Diploma in First Line People Management is Globally Recognised and comes with the assurance of being University Credit Rated

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Questions & Answers?

Developing new and enhanced people management skills will be critical to adapt to whatever the work environment looks like in the new normal. Flexibility, resilience and greater understanding on how to get the best from people will be vital skills. If ever there was a doubt, the pandemic has amplified the understanding that no company can thrive without skilled, committed employees.

Line managers have responsibility for directly managing individual employees or teams. Skilled line managers are particularly in demand with the unprecedented requirement to lead and inspire staff in an environment of hybrid office and remote working arrangements.

Learnful provides recordings of each of the classes so you can review them as needed before the next session. Students will continue to have access to all recordings for a minimum of 30 days after course completion so that you can continue to refer to sessions of interest, complete a reflective diary or access materials to help complete assignments.

For further details of the payment options available, see our finance page.

For employer sponsorship, simply fill out our employer sponsored form available on request from the Learnful team by emailing [email protected]

No prior experience/knowledge required.

All courses require proficiency in English, requirement of IELTS 6 or its equivalent. 

The Programme Subject Matter Expert will monitor progress throughout the programme using a range of assessment methods to ensure concepts are understood. The assessment at the end of the course is worth 100% of the total marks for this programme of study and consists of a 3000 word report.