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February 4, 2023

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Start a Rewarding Career in HR Management

  • Get HRM certified with this industry endorsed, globally recognised University Credit Rated Professional Diploma in HR Management delivered online-live.
  • Globally recognised ECTS credit bearing programme aligned to Irish NFQ Level 6.
  • Obtain the knowledge, skills and competencies to stay competitive and relevant in the modern workplace.
  • Delivered live through an easy to use online study environment.
  • Classes are recorded providing you with the flexibility to learn and revise at your own pace and intensity.
  • Supercharge your job search skills with our automated CV analysis tool, AI-powered mock interview tool and robust Jobs Board.

What will I learn?

  • Theory, case study analysis and practical tasks focused on the key principles, policies, and practices of human resource management.
  • The skill of acquiring and on-boarding talent, performance management and rewarding employees.
  • The role of company culture, HRM strategy and how it fits in with the organisational strategy.
  • Employee engagement, how to retain the best performers as well as the confidence to deal with underperformance.
  • The psychological contract, its importance to all employees and the implications for the manager.
  • The tools to understand and the confidence to deal with the people issues managers face in today’s demanding remote workplace.
  • The Legal Framework , understand the laws and regulations governing employment.
What jobs will this programme prepare me for?

New to HR? Newly Appointed HR Manager? Looking to improve your skills?

An organisation’s ability to effectively manage, motivate and develop its workforce is essential for every business regardless of sector.

Exploit the surge in opportunities for HR professionals to work with companies needing advice on furlough, managing remote workers and post-COVID transition to the office.

No matter what managerial role that you may take on throughout your career, this programme will equip you to deal with confidence with the people management aspects of the role.

This programme is designed to appeal to:

  • Anyone interested in developing skills and gaining practical knowledge and understanding in the area of HR Management.
  • New managers or recently promoted managers who want to keep abreast of the changes and challenges in the area of HRM and who want to learn the basic skills of managing people, leading teams and improving work processes.
  • A business owner wanting to understand the laws and regulations of employing people.
  • Anyone interested in a career change into HR Management.
  • HR Managers needing a refresher course in the area of HRM.

Programme Curriculum

During your first class, you will explore the course content and format, including what you can expect from the programme and how it is assessed. The class will include:

  • HRM definition
  • Evolution of HR
  • Strategic management & HRM
  • Best practice
  • Role of HRM in the organisation 
  • Future of HRM

Understand that the foundation for workforce planning includes the strategic goals of the organisation and an analysis of its present workforce. 

  • Managing headcount
  • Direction & strategy
  • Recruitment strategy
  • Role of analytics
  • The bigger picture

Discover how to manage talent by differentiating between employees levels of performance. Understand the need to identify potential in employees.

  • Concepts of talent
  • Other perspectives
  • Talent development
  • Organisation culture

Learn the range of recruitment methods used to attract talent and understand the steps involved in the recruitment process.

  • Concepts of recruitment
  • Employer branding
  • Advertising channels
  • Managing capacity
  • Selection 
  • Evaluation 

Learn the steps involved in onboarding a new employee and discover the criteria for continuance beyond probation. Recognise the opportunity of employee engagement and learn what keeps employees motivated.

  • The beginning
  • Motivation 
  • Employee commitment
  • Living the employer brand

Understand that diversity is about taking account of the differences between people and groups of people, and placing a positive value on those differences.

  • Main concepts
  • Barriers to diversity
  • Opportunity of diversity 

Learn the tools and models used to manage, measure and evaluate performance.

  • Main concepts
  • Levels of performance
  • Measuring performance
  • Evaluating performance
  • Underperformance
  • New thinking

Learn the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic rewards and know that role evaluation and review is an ongoing process.

  • Main concepts
  • Process of role evaluation 
  • Benefits
  • Job satisfaction 

Understand the role that learning & development plays in an organisation and learn that it is a process of creating, retaining and transferring knowledge within an organisation.

  • Main concepts
  • Stages of training
  • Trends in development
  • Evaluation & measurement

Learn the laws and regulations governing employment.

  • Legislation 
  • Employee relations
  • Procedures
  • Laws & guidelines

During your final class, the subject matter expert will summarise the key topics covered during the programme. The Assessment will be outlined in detail with plenty of opportunity to ask any clarifying questions.

  • Course summary
  • Assessments

Learn from the best

Gay White

Gay White is a Chartered Work and Organisational Psychologist who runs her own HR Consultancy business. An experienced business and executive coach, Gay has over thirty years' experience, gained through a variety of roles both in business and HR. She is an experienced lecturer and has lectured from diploma level to postgraduate programmes. She brings her practical experience into the classroom and has first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by managers in the workplace.

Gay is a director of the Irish Institute of Training and Development (IITD) and the Public Relations Institute of Ireland and previously was a director of the Association for Coaching in Ireland. She is a Fellow of the IITD and the Institute of Banking. 

What our students say

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to further their skills. The team are responsive and the lecturer (Gay White, HR) was amazing and so knowledgeable! I learned so much, the fact it's all online was a huge plus too.

Symone Katus

One of the best decisions I’ve made! Gay the Tutor was knowledgeable and approachable as well as the friendly team behind the scenes at Learnful! Location was not an issue as all was video call and all easily accessible.

Neelam Patel

From being apprehensive about learning and how the course would be, I would highly recommend this course to anyone, considering the anxiety I was having taking up studying after so many years out of education. The professional team at Learnful are well orientated and supportive. The diversity of modules broadened my knowledge and left me with an open mind and important skills that I have deployed into my current job role. The materials and tools available for the course were easy to access and invaluable learning information. The classes were not only theoretical but had practical case studies, which was good. Gay White (Lecturer) was erudite and well informed with updated information about the course. They care about how the student was doing within the course and are always available to support. I am delighted to say I am happy I took this course with Learnful and look forward to studying again with them in the future.

Michael Aidoo

Why should I enrol with Learnful?

  • Become A HRM certified professional, gain certification from Glasgow Caledonian University, a highly rated UK University.
  • The only University Credit Rated Professional Diploma in HR Management, a valued trusted qualification.
  • Industry focused course with expert tutors recognised by top Irish & UK companies.
  • Flexible live online learning that fits into your busy schedule.
  • Supplementary learning material available via our online Learner Management System.
  • Gain practical working knowledge and learn the essential skills required for a role within HR.
  • Access to our careers portal to get you job-ready.
  • Friendly student support services.

Read about our partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University, learn about micro-credentials & digital badges and understand how to get job ready for a career in HRM

Our Diploma in Human Resource Management is Globally Recognised and comes with the assurance of being University Credit Rated

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having the certified skills to get the best out of people by keeping every member of the team engaged, productive, valued & respected is essential for business success regardless of sector. 

Organisations always need talented HR managers. This is the case now more than ever with the challenges associated with the surge in remote workers. 

The average salary for a Human Resource (HR) Manager in Ireland is €54,967. The average salary for a Human Resource (HR) Manager in London is £49,375 (Source: Indeed Mar21)

Learnful provides recordings of each of the classes so you can review them as needed before the next session. Students will continue to have access to all recordings for a minimum of 30 days after course completion so that you can continue to refer to sessions of interest, complete a reflective diary or access materials to help complete assignments.  

For further details of the payment options available, see our finance page. 

For employer sponsorship, simply fill out our employer sponsored form, available on request from the Learnful team by emailing [email protected]

No prior experience / knowledge required.

All courses require proficiency in English, requirement IELTS 6 or its equivalent. 

The Programme Subject Matter Expert will monitor progress throughout the programme using multiple choice scenarios, to ensure concepts are understood. The assessment at the end of the course is worth 100% of the total marks for this programme of study and consists of a 3000 word report.